112 Faces| Edacia is #5

I’m still having a blast with my 112 Faces project. I had a little time out this week at TGIF, it was time for Pot Stickers. Don’t ask me why but I tried them for the first time at TGIF and I just had this craving for more so guess where I went. Yes, TGIF.
And I met my #4 Face-Edacia. Don’t hold me to this but I think her name is pronounced E-day-sha. Hope I’m right. LOL.

Edacia, was our server and she  took very good care of us. I got my Pot Stickers, they were hot and fresh!  I explained my project to Edacia and asked her if she would be my face for the day, she agreed but decided to ask her manager if it was okay to stop working for a second to participate. He said yes and here she is.  Thanks Edacia!

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