112 Faces| Jerin and Jessica are 03/112

I’m having a blast with my 112 Faces Project!

The project is about my encounters with everyday people doing everyday things. It’s not a focus on my ability to make gorgeous imagery but life as it happens…luvin it!

Today I had to get a few items from the grocery store and it’s no secret, I hate shopping. I do it because I have to do it.
I got a double treat when I went today… this is what I spotted!

They said “we’re bored” and when I asked why they weren’t helping their mother with the shopping I learned that they had been but she had taken the list from them.

Their mother said “they were doing what they wanted to do!”  and she took the list from them. I can really appreciate that she is teaching her daughters how to shop even though they had to be sidelined today….The oldest said she has Facebook but rarely goes on and that was a pleasant surprise:=}

Their mother was out of camera range on the left and I asked her permission and theirs before capturing their picture. They agreed to have their picture taken doing what they were doing “being bored”. I texted Jerin my b-card and offered to tag her via Facebook when she contacts me. Thanks Jerin (the oldest) and Jessica!

Very beautiful young ladies…Jerin on the left and Jessica on the right…they are my #3 faces!

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