Alternative to Trashing The Dress

A recent story tells of a bride of two months that lost her life during a Trash The Dress (TTD) portrait session. Although standing in only a foot of water the bride drowned.  After slipping into the water her wedding dress became too heavy and pulled her under sweeping her away despite attempts by her photographer to save her.  This is a tragedy; you can see the video here

Brides like to trash the dress because they won’t need it anymore. Some say it is symbolic of saying  “I’m married and I’m going to stay married”  as well as a stress reliever.  While the trend of trashing the dress can be fun and offer beautiful imagery for years to come there are other ways (certainly less dangerous ones) to say farewell to your wedding dress.

Rather than  a water soaked dress here is an alternative to give your beautiful wedding gown a goodbye and farewell.

Sale your dress or place it on consignment and consider these options: 
1) Donate the proceeds from the sale of your dress to charity.
2) Pay off some of the credit card debt accrued while planning for your wedding. If you were able to pay for your wedding in cash you’ve got a good jump start and can ….
a.) put the proceeds from the sale into a savings account
b.) invest the proceeds from the sale of the dress or
c.) begin a college fund for your future children
d. open a IRA

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