Dallas Photographer: #chrisandnanstilldo-Vow Renewal

Chris and Nan Still do! We’re counting down the days to our in-home vow renewal-Saturday, December 12th, 2015.
Yes, #chrisandnanstilldo is our social media hashtag though my husband hasn’t ever used one I just felt like doing one to celebrate us.

We opted for a renewal that is intimate, casual and utilizes our home. I’ll add a lot of budget friendly DIY touches that I’ll share on the blog as Ifinalize details. Our guest list is forty of our immediate family members and close friends.

One of my God given gifts is stretching a budget to create simple elegance, I absolutely love the detailing process and watching it all come together. We decided to host in our home because it’s our home, it’s something we share together that is personal to us. BUT hosting in your home brings its own set of challenges and requires planning you wouldn’t have to consider if you were utilizing a hotel or other wedding venue.

We will be moving all furnishings out of our sitting room and our family room. Yes, all of the furnishings. As of this blog we are planning round tables however if space doesn’t work we will convert to rectangle tables for our guest and one round table for the head table. It’s a vow renewal and we’re doing it our way.

Our sitting area is where we’ll have folded chairs for our guest as we exchange vows. After the vows are exchanged the chairs will be put away(moved to allow more space for images and dancing. Our Family room is where the reception will take place. I’ll share more details as the days are counting down. A huge thank you to my sister Denise who teamed with my husband and surprised me with the vow renewal. They contracted Chef Sonya of Definately Dorsey to do the catering. You can also find here on Instagram, CLICK HERE. By the time I found out plans were already underway. Sweetness!

Thank you to fellow photographer and friend Bilal Alan who is helping me coordinate the details and the day.  Our dear friend Richard Polk is who is also a photographer and minister is officiating. And a special thank you to photographers Tenisha Walton and Bryon Crawley who will capture the events of the day. I’m blessed to be surrounded by great family and friends and admit it’s going to very hard not to have my camera in hand; very very hard.

Pictured below is the cake topper that may or may not be used. I opted for a single cake layer with butter cream frosting and cupcakes underneath with red bows, we will see if the topper makes it to the top of the cake.


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