Dallas Photographer: Why Your Event Is Longer Than You Thought!


I’ll dive right into why your event is often billed for more photography coverage time than the length of the event.

I’m going to reflect on my days in Corporate for a second; days when I had to sign into a computer before my scheduled time in order to be present at the scheduled time.

If I’m scheduled to be on my computer and ready to work at 9am I can’t wait until 9am to push the first button or turn my computer on because computers take time to boot up.
I’d technically be late.  I have to be in the building, in my seat and have already gone through the sign-on process before 9am to be ready for work at 9am. I know this is elementary but this is the reason your event requires more time than your timeline shows.

This becomes even more important when you’d like everyone positioned and ready to do their assignments 1-2 hours in advance. If you’ve contracted with vendors that bill on a time basis the full scope of your timeline including set-up should be factored in.

Event from 10am to 12pm
All vendors and service provider set-up is to be completed by 8am
That’s not 2 hours, that’s 5 hours.

To be complete by 8am it’s very likely set-up starts at 7am or 7:30am.
See how that works?

You’ve contacted your photographer to photograph a three hour event but you want him ready to go with the backdrop up, everything checked, people in place two hours early. I like that and I agree it should be done. I also agree it will be time billed.

Of course it matters if the Photographer is billing per hour, half day rate, full day rate or per event. The purpose of this blog is to show that it always takes more time to photograph your event than the length of the event itself.

Even if you’ve contracted a photographer to show up with their camera at the exact start time and make their last push of the shutter at the exact end time there is travel time and distance involved.

Your event is never just the length of the event, there’s always more pre-work and post-work to factor in.

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