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IMPORTANT: For the best possible result you are encouraged to take advantage of the style consultation that is included with your session. This will allow me to help you with outfit selections that highlight the best you!


Try to get sleep well the night before and have a light snack before the session.
Drink enough water, it hydrates your skin and helps you have a healthy glow in your images.
Sessions are energetic so come prepared to work, but also be prepared to have some fun!


  • we do NOT recommend high contrast outfits such as a white pants and black top .This combination tends to draw the focus  of  the image away from your face.
  • be aware of parts of your body that you may not be as comfortable with;  for example, if you are uncomfortable with your upper arms ,sleeveless and strapless tops should be avoided because they will emphasize your arms and make them look bigger.
  • It’s best to pair your outfits and hang them rather than folding in a bag.  This will help to keep them from wrinkling.
  • VARIETY!  be sure to bring a variety of outfits. Try to bring  it’s always a good idea to bring long-sleeved options even when being photographed in the summer.
  • GLASSES –  glasses generally give a glare, we take care to position you well to avoid the glare but sometimes it happens. If you are able to remove your lens for your session it will give greater images while wearing your glasses.
  • COLOR TONES – Be sure to avoid exposure to the sun that will create a farmers tan, sunburn or execessively dark tanning.
  • NAILS, TOES and LASHES – they show!  we recommend having a mani-pedi before prior to your portrait session. If you are arriving with lashes  applied please be sure they are properly secured/seated, ill fitting lashes do show up in the images. If you are not getting a manicure, please be sure any polish is not chipped.


I”ll guide you from start to finish.  My approach is laid back and hands on.  Our goal is to create natural looking images and trust me you can do it—together we capture “the best you!”

When asked about my shooting style I generally use two words ” it’s simple!” And that’s really the best way to describe it –simple. Simplicity is important because you are the focus of the image not your clothing or the background. It’s true, those elements add interest to an image but your session is all about highlighting the best you! Style consultations are included with all Signature sessions before your session… feel free to text pictures of the outfits your are considering.

Safe Rule of Thumb – bring more clothing than you think you need, especially blouses that can be interchanged with basic pants or skirts. . For three looks I encourage you to bring at least 8-10 outfits. Why? Some things we wear from day to day do not translate well for timeless imagery. Also bring shoes and accessories for each outfit.   The goal is ‘the best you’!

Wondering what to bring? 
Prints can work but solid colors that compliment your skin tone are generally better.
Bring a variety of clothing that reflect your style, from casual to more dressy . If  you’re not sure about it, bring it!
Fitted clothing and the ability to layer clothing adds interest.
Keep in mind that shooting in color does not necessarily mean that you need to pick bright, bold colors.


Hair and make-up are as essential to great imagery as a skilled photographer. Since each session is customized the details surrounding hair and makeup are individual and will be discussed prior to the session. NJ is a certified makeup artist and will provide a complimentary makeup consultation.

What kind of makeup is used? Glad you asked. I’m not loyal to any specific  brand. Products are chosen based on their wear-ability, durability for the session and how they translates in imagery not on the brand itself .  Through trail and error I have tested many products from different brands and have created a kit of products that I love and that works well for the session. Products range from MAC Cosmetics, Graftobian, Mehron,  Makeup Forever, Mary Kay, Loreal, Revlon and more.

Parking is easy, park anywhere you’d like.

When you arrive we will all relax while we complete administrative matters.  Relaxation is good, right!  After we complete the paperwork the fun begins, we decide which outfits we’ll photograph, the makeup looks to coordinate and the type of images .

A standard session is 3 looks and up to 3 hours. Yes, sometimes it’s a little wee bit longer but plan a minimum of 3 hours and 3 looks. The session time includes selecting the images for your collection.

Your image selection process happens immediately after the photo session, yes the same day–before you leave! Why? Because you’re busy and I value your time. Immediately after your session we sit down for a relaxed process of choosing your collection images and products. This enables us to begin preparing your images for delivery faster because you’ve already told us which images you prefer.

A session can include natural light captures and studio lighting and a combination of both.  I can combine studio light and natural light to create a look that flatters you under any conditions.  No, you don’t have to reschedule if it is raining;  I have you covered. My intimate shooting space provides a variety of background options.

Digital Collections are delivered via  download of a ZIP  file.
Prints are mailed to the address on your contract and canvases can be picked up at our studio.

How long do you keep my image files?

Your online gallery access expires in 30 days. Once you’ve received your promised products non-ordered images may be removed from our system. We do not guarantee archival of your images and encourage you to back up your images in triplet copy including one that is off-site. In the event images are archived there is a $50 fee to reissue the download of ordered images.

Your session is all about you! Yes, absolutely bring one (1) friend along with you. Most times it’s a girls thing, we’re hanging out having a great time and girl talk so let me know in advance if you’re planning to bring a friend.

If you’re under 18 a parent or guardian is required.

We’re very excited about your session and will have talked about it on Facebook and other social media platforms! Throughout your session we’ll capture Behind The Scene (BTS) images and will share so you can tag yourself if you’d like. You can feel free to tag yourself from http://facebook.com/ebbystouch.  We ask that you do not capture images while in your session.


I capture with your collection options in mind.  COLLECTION information is HERE . During our pre-consult we talk about how you’d  like to use the images from your session, I use professionals labs for your print orders and encourage those purchasing digital collections that also desire prints to get archival and professionally finished images.