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The Tax Man Cometh!

It’s not often that behind the scenes things are discussed on a photographer’s website. You’ve probably guessed that I like to share and help you understand some of the ‘why’  factors behind what we as photographer-artist do. The digital age brought about many photographers, some run legitimate federal and (if applicable) state tax paying businesses and others do not.
Texas requires photographers to pay taxes and the IRS requires photographers to pay federal income taxes.  That’s another topic for another day:)
You’ll notice that Sales and Use Taxes are added to your session fee and product purchases with Ebby’s Touch; that’s because the tax man cometh and when he comes I want to be able to comply!  Whether paying online or in person Texas likes it when I collect taxes according to state requirements.

To learn  more about the taxes photographers are responsible for paying CLICK HERE .

Texas requires Photographers to collect sales tax on the following(not an all inclusive list but gives you an idea:)
~Session Fees
~Anything tangible such as prints, photographic products like canvas prints and books, digital downloads, media like CD’s or DVD’s
~Expenses related to producing your images that you are billed for such as travel expenses, lodging, the cost of acquiring props, models and other professional services such as make-up artist, stylist etc are taxable as well.
There’s more so be sure to click the link above and read the good stuff:)

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