Beep, Beep! I’m taking driving lessons.

Yesterday was a wow day for me; I was shaking like a leaf blowing in the wind! My husband took me out for a drive around the neighborhood. It was the first time  behind the wheel of a standard vehicle. I recall learning the basics of driving a standard in Driver’s Education in high school, we received two credit hours for the course and obtained our learner’s permit and driver’s license. I learned how to drive an automatic but the standard vehicle information didn’t stick with me. We practiced driving an automatic in an actual vehicle on the road in one of those cars marked “Student Driver” but we didn’t have any road time in a standard. Our standard training was on a simulated machine so yes, Beep, Beep!

In case you’re wondering  we are a two vehicle family, I don’t drive one of them because it’s a standard and I don’t know how to drive standards-yet!

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I was doing well until a driver pulled up behind me; the vehicle began rolling backwards and I panicked. Don’t laugh! I was worried I’d roll into someone while taking driving lessons so I had my husband take over. But I’m not finished, I’ll be driving a standard vehicle soon. Beep, Beep!

The picture above was captured with my iPad3 using Instagram and processed in Snapseed.

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