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Promoting The Unique You

Wow! You’re amazing and you deserve see that frozen in time

Ebby’s Touch celebrates the unique you. We think trends are wonderful moments in time but we also love the unique you that just wants to do her own things and let her personality shine in whatever fashion you choose… cause you’re amazing! That’s why.

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Just Be You

Trust me you are photogenic

Believe it— style and being uniquely you is all about letting the real you shine outward. AND you’re going to love it.

Not sure what to wear? Don’t worry, your session includes a style consult to help you rock the most flattering looks.

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Most of all you’re going to enjoy your session. Yes, you’ll work but it’s fun work. Yes, fun-work!

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For Fabulous Skin

Hydrate. No, seriously be well hydrated for your session

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“It was so awesome working with you!! You have a great balance between directing and giving freedom to the model. I enjoy your free spirit and get the feeling we just barely scratched the surface of your creative talents. Thank you for a great experience. –Rachael”


Rusty-n Rachael Witt Rose

MANY THANKS to EBBYSTOUCH Photography! They say good things come to those who wait- I’m so grateful to have worked on a number of projects with a Faithful, Talented, and Classy photographer as NJ Stevenson, you are truly a Jewel and a Blessing to me and so many other aspiring models. I’m embracing Plus Size Modeling for Life! See you at the TOP! **HUGS”.

Tiffany Borders

“Ms. Stevenson has set the bar!
She helped me with my second photo session. I was very impressed with her over the top professionalism. She went over and beyond in setting the atmosphere to be the most comfortable, fun, and enjoyable experience. Through her guidance in posing, and her creativity in fashion and make up, I felt like a Vogue Cover Model! I will absolutely return again and again for the most exceptional, absolutely beautiful, and tip top quality work!
Thank you Ms. Stevenson! You are simply amazing!”

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