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Ebby’s Touch focuses on the uniqueness of each individual with a fashion and glamour inspired session for females and males. We specialize in custom senior portraiture mixed with artistic imagery that shows the unique you.

How much will portraits cost?
The portrait collection that you select is entirely up to you. We understand that the session type that you choose is dependent on your individual style and tastes, and that each person’s image needs vary. We offer a collection range that can accommodate your needs and if you don’t see what you’re looking for we can create a custom collection just for you!

Do I have to come in for a consultation? Can’t I just book a session over the phone?

We don’t require an in-person consultation. We’d like to get to know you better prior to the session and to assist with style and makeup– consultation via telephone, Facetime, Skype or Oovoo is available.
Where do you photograph sessions?

Signature sessions include areas within 10 miles of Zip Code 75134. Our other collections are captured in our cozy space in Lancaster, TX.  Investments are noted HERE .

How many outfits can I bring?

As MANY as you like! Your sessions is based on time not on the number of outfits.   The more time you spend getting ready between outfits, the fewer outfits we are able to capture.

Bring LOTS of options – during your pre-consult  we’ll assist you with clothing choices.  CLICK  HERE  for a helpful  Pinterest guide.


  • we do NOT recommend high contrast outfits such as a white pants and black top .This combination tends to draw the focus  of  the image away from your face.
  • be aware of parts of your body that you may not be as comfortable with;  for example, if you are uncomfortable with your upper arms ,sleeveless and strapless tops should be avoided because they will emphasize your arms and make them look bigger.
  • It’s best to pair your outfits and hang them rather than folding in a bag.  This will help to keep them from wrinkling.
  • VARIETY!  be sure to bring a variety of outfits. Try to bring  it’s always a good idea to bring long-sleeved options even when being photographed in the summer.
  • GLASSES –  glasses generally give a glare, we take care to position you well to avoid the glare but sometimes it happens. If you are able to remove your lens for your session it will give greater images while wearing your glasses.
  • COLOR TONES – Be sure to avoid exposure to the sun that will create a farmers tan, sunburn or execessively dark tanning.
  • NAILS, TOES and LASHES – they show!  we recommend having a mani-pedi before prior to your portrait session. If you are arriving with lashes  applied please be sure they are properly secured/seated, ill fitting lashes do show up in the images. If you are not getting a manicure, please be sure any polish is not chipped.

How long do you keep my image files?

Once you’ve received your promised products non-ordered images may be removed from our system. We do not guarantee archival of your images and encourage you to back up your images. In the event images are archived there is a $25 fee to reissue the download of ordered images.

If you are simply wanting to change up your look a little during your session – such as pulling part, or all, of your hair up for certain outfits – you can absolutely do that during any of our 3 girls sessions. We LOVE variety and love to show off your multiple styles.

Do you photograph headshots for yearbooks?

Each school has different guidelines, check with your school to ask if you are allowed to to submit your own image.  If you can and you’d like to do so, we can include your yearbook image in your session time.

Do you have Cap and Gowns?

We do not have Cap and Gowns on location. If you haven’t received them from your school yet, the following locations:
Graduation Place
Graduation Outlet


Can I bring others along for my session?

Your session is all about you! Your parents (required if you’re under 18) and one friend are welcome to join you for the session.

Can my parent(s) take pictures to post on Social Media while you’re taking pictures?

We’re very excited about your session and will have talked about it on Facebook and have mobile images of BTS things up and in no time unless you opt out of posting. . You can feel free to tag yourself from http://facebook.com/ebbystouch.  We ask that you do not capture images while in your session. We’ll take care of that for you.

Should I have my hair and makeup done?

Signature Collections include makeup by NJ, just show up with your moisturized face and we’ll get you picture ready. If you’ve booked one of our other collections please arrive with your hair and make ready to begin your session.