The Gallery Party 2016

We’re super excited to kick off The Gallery Party 2016!

We’re online at:

Registration to JOIN officially closed April 30, 2016 but we’ve extended the free registration until May 31, 2016
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** You’ll need a nice clear headshot and a bio/artist statement:
-1600px on long side
-Only you in the image
-Best quality. not pixelated

The first The Gallery Party exhibit was held in August 2014. It was my plan to hold an annual event that is a collaboration with other artist but 2015 slipped through the cracks. So here we are ready for the 2016 exhibit and things have changed a bit from the first one. Traditionally, exhibits are live and in person first and then they are online. Yes, it’s a bit unorthodox but I’ll be the first to admit I have no fear of not doing things the traditional way. We are doing an online exhibit and we may also do a live one following the online one with a different set of images but let’s get our momentum first.

TGP 2014: I hosted two other artist to display their work , my husband contracted a spoken word artist and a comedian. The event had a DJ, catered food and a hired a photographer. There were vendors in the rented event space and it was lots of fun. BUT this year we’re having fun by doing it a different way.

You can view 2014 here:

What are we doing in The Gallery Party 2016? Having fun and enjoying the craft of photography. Online. Virtually.

Imagine this to be an in person exhibit that you are preparing.  Same thing, just a different method of presentation.
What would you do if you were preparing for an exhibit that would show at your local art gallery?
Yes, that’s exactly what you want to do in preparing for this exhibit!

How The Gallery Party came to be?

My birthday was approaching and I wanted to celebrate my birthday around art because it’s such a huge part of who I am. I had been talking about doing The Gallery Party since 2012 and I finally said to myself “I’m going to do it!” . Once I did it I wanted to do it again. I’m excited to have you and others joining me. 
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