Part 2: You get what you pay for, Is it true?

In Part 1  we were introduced to the Shoot and Burner Photographer (I call it S&B), READ PART 1

This series isn’t about the S&B photographer but it is about getting quality images and how to decide what’s best for you. I’ll take a lot of heat from fellow photographers for saying this but the truth is sometimes you don’t need quality images, you just need a picture–that’s all.  In those instances a S&B photographer or a run with Instagram will work well.

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I decided to write this brief series because I found some people like to compare all photographers to the S&B photographer, but there are times when you get what you pay for.  The S&B may give you all of the unedited images but how does that benefit you? How does that benefit the photographer? When you look at the 500 images from the 1 hour session where you had one outfit on the entire time you may find a few images that are marginally good so you post those and friends and family ooze over them because they love you. And then the CD goes in a drawer never to be seen again.

Quality Imagery is an investment.  There’s really no other way to say it .
It’s easy to take hundreds of pictures of you in unflattering poses with various facial expressions and save them to a CD but a photographer that offers quality imagery spends the time before, during and after your session to present the best you. That’s what it’s about–the best you!  There is Pre-work and Post-work to a session and you deserve the full experience and archival imagery that presents you well for years to come.

If you need a quick snapshot, get one!  BUT when you want quality seek a photographer that produces it.  One that knows how to capture imagery well and work with you to get exactly what you need. One that doesn’t spray and pray but listens to your needs and wants and then produces it because they are skilled at what they do.  It’s going to cost you more because it is an investment but you’re so worth it.

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