Dallas Portrait Photographer: babyE

I love all my clients, each one is special and unique to me. I especially love the little people and how they let you know when their session has come to an end.  She had a runny nose which I chose to include in a few images…..
When it was over she gracefully got up, looked at me , turned and started walking towards her home as she waved goodbye but never looked back at me…. there I stood looking amazed as she announced our session was over without saying a word.

BabyE was a blast to capture.  She cried, she smiled and then she left (see last image)! Once inside she began taking off her jewelry and watching Bubble Guppies.
I should mention I was also amazed because she rocked her session and is a great 21 month old model! Thought I’d share! Hope you enjoy BabyE as much as I do.
Thanks Denise, she’s beautiful :=}
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