Five things I’ll do in 2012:=}

Happy New Year everyone! I’m looking forward to a really great year in 2012.
I  don’t  make New Year resolutions, they never work out for me or should I say I never work them:=}
I do set goals for myself  that don’t include the “failure” factor. My goals are things I remind myself of throughout the year and strive to achieve. Sometimes I achieve them all and sometimes I don’t.   Here are five of my photography goals for 2012.

Look Up
This year I plan to look up more.  Sometimes the inspiring capture you’re after may be above your head so I plan to look up more often in 2012. There are birds in flight, signs, great structure of buildings etc.

Look Down
Sometimes it’s what’s on the ground, on a shoe or on the floor that makes an image that tells a story, so this year I’ll also look down more often.

The norm made  ah-some
I love shooting regular everyday things though a photographic eye;  this means capturing what would be considered the mundane from a different perspective and angle. In 2012 I want to do more capturing of normal things.

Take more photo walks
There so much to be captured when we take the time to explore so in 2012 I want to take more photo walks and do more work for my personal projects. Photo walks help you “see” better  and differently and also meet new and interesting people.

Just Shoot
Anyone that knows me also knows that I’ll have a camera near me at all times. If I don’t have my DSLR I normally have my iPhone and I use it but would like to use it more.  In 2012 I want to shoot more regardless of the camera I’m capturing with. I can’t have my Canon with me all the time but there is rarely a time when I don’t have my iPhone. In 2012 I want to do more iPhoneography and I will.

The image featured was captured with the Snapseed app, I looked up!
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2012 promises to be a great year. Get out and shoot and keep Christ first!   

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