How much Photoshop would you like?

Everyone wants to look good, right? But how much Photoshop before we become Photochopped? It’s a question each photographer and client have to ask before booking a session. Some like minor editing and some like to look like someone else and be unrecognizable…having people say “is that you?”.Check out the video below…and then JUMP to read more.

When you are seeking a photographer that is a match for your needs and style; what they offer in editing is one of the questions you should address. Hopefully, you will have had the opportunity to view their work prior to commissioning them for your session and you’ll have a general idea of the extent of  editing offered. One thing you’ll want to address is what is included in their editing and what is considered additional editing.

Some photographers have an additional fee for additional editing. What’s additional editing? It’s editing done outside of or in addition to their standard editing. For example, you may want your waist size reduced and this may not be a edit offered in the photographer’s standard package. Ask questions. You may be wearing a blue dress and want it changed to  red because you wanted red but they were all sold out, that edit may be an additional fee.

Your package may include a specified number of images but of the number specified a smaller number may be edited, for example you may receive ten digital files and five of the ten may be edited as a part of the standard package. Editing for the other five may be available at an additional premium.  Ask questions.

I’ve had clients that wanted minor photo-shopping and some that wanted photo-chopping. ” Make me look like I just stepped out of  magazine is what I hear often“, which is the point to the video. What we see in the magazines is not real. Does that mean you shouldn’t desire to be photo-chopped? That’s a decision you’ll have to make.  After all, the chopping does look good!

Minor shopping or major-chopping? Flawless skin, popping eyes, gorgeous highlights in the hair, pearly white teeth, toned arms and legs, “small in the waist and oh so cute in the face” are the current must-have’s for any portrait..but how far is too far?  Does TV and what we see in the magazines drive the image we’d like to see as an end result for our sessions? Probably so, but you can have beautifully edited images that highlight your natural beauty without being “chopped”.

Shopped or Chopped—your decision but be sure to ask questions before you commission a photographer so you know if they are a match for you from beginning to end.

A few standard questions will help you in choosing the photographer that’s a match for you.

Stay Beautiful,



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